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Kids Escape Room

Educational, fun, and interactive escape room built just for kids! Brand new edutainment experience perfect for birthday celebrations and quality

family time!


Why Cluville?

Cluville – Kids escape room is an immersive edutainment and birthday party experience specifically designed for kids from 6 to 14. Founded with a vision to offer a unique blend of entertainment and education, Cluville offers a variety of themed escape room adventures filled with thrilling clues and challenging riddles for an unforgettable experience.

Kids escape rooms can provide numerous benefits for children, including:

  1. Problem-solving skills: Escape rooms challenge children to think critically and solve puzzles, which can help improve their problem-solving skills.

  2. Teamwork: Most escape rooms require teamwork and cooperation to solve the puzzles and escape, which can help children learn to work together and communicate effectively.

  3. Confidence: Completing an escape room can be a confidence booster for children, as they see they can solve challenging problems.

  4. Creativity: Escape rooms often require creative thinking and outside-the-box solutions, which can help foster children's creativity.

  5. Attention to detail: Escape rooms can help children develop attention to detail as they search for clues and solve puzzles.

  6. Fun: Kids' escape rooms can be a fun and engaging activity for children, providing a unique and exciting experience.

Overall, kids' escape rooms can be a fun and educational way to develop essential skills and have a memorable experience.


New territories and locations are available for franchising!​​

If you would like to be a part of our growing network and become a Cluville franchisee,​ please contact us HERE

We look forward to working together to build a great Kids' Escape Room!

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