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We are a team made up of professionals with Project Management, Marketing, and Sales backgrounds, all focused on helping our franchise partners succeed and bringing a smile on people’s faces every day.

Jonathan Cooper, CEO
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Jonathan Cooper



CEO is his lifestyle. As a serial entrepreneur and a former director of several investment funds, he decided to start Bright Entertainment Group. If you ask him who would be right for entrepreneurship? He would say, people who like to take a risk and enjoy it. He knows that the best ideas are often simple, and when we add the right team to it we create a successful environment for growth. 

Jonathan is an American businessman who came to Croatia for business and decided to stay because of love, of course.

He likes donuts, especially donuts earned by winning a bet with his team.

Superpower: business intelligence. 


Emili Medica

Senior Project Manager

Emili is responsible for overseeing the museum's layout design and the construction process from the very beginning. She travels all around the world and works with architects and civil engineers during the construction process while ensuring all other aspects of the project are also on track. 

She is passionate about animals, and especially her dog Oscar. 


Superpower: a calm approach to everything.

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Tea Mandić

Project Manager

Tea's excellent time management and communication skills are really important when you work on several different projects at the same time. She knows everything about all the exhibits in the museums, and the construction of every riddle in the kids escape rooms. But, she’s a good secret keeper, so we don’t worry about that. She likes dogs, concerts and sweets.


Superpower: dedication to details. 


Andrea Pinjušić

Content Marketing Specialist

Content is king, and she definitely knows how to use it.

As a former dancer and art lover, she brings a lot of good energy and creative ideas to her team. Always one step ahead, she knows how to communicate the perfect message for every situation. The must-have person when you work in the entertainment industry. She likes to draw portraits, ride a bike, and eat Nutella.


Superpower: punctuality. 

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Maja Letina

Digital Marketing Strategist

Clicks, impressions, conversions, budgets, and ROI. She talks about that all the time. We believe she’s in love with digital marketing and advertising. How to organize campaigns for a museum or how to launch a kid's escape rooms? She's got that covered. She also tracks and monitors users behavior online and offline all the time. Sometimes she drinks too much coffee.

She likes sports, flowers, and cats. And cookies the most, of course.

Superpower: creativity.


Ines Nožica

Training and Development Specialist

How to organize the museum's team and do the staff training? How to educate gamemasters in escape rooms to guide the kids in solving the riddles? Ines does all that and much more. She monitors and tracks staff improvements for teams so they can perform better. She is an experienced musician which helps her understand the entertainment industry even more.

She loves cooking but we're still waiting for our dinner invitations.


Superpower: versatility. 


Oscar The Dog

Office Guard

He doesn't really do much to contribute the business except helping the gender balance in the company, which works well for our directors. All of us would agree that he's the most handsome one in the office and we are not even jealous.

His favorite office supplies are cables and toilet paper, only he knows why, and his favorite time of the day is lunchtime. Sometimes he even lets us eat in peace, and we thank him for that.

Superpower: the ability to sleep all day long. 

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