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We are a team made up of professionals with Project Management, Marketing, and Sales backgrounds, all focused on helping our franchise partners succeed and bringing a smile on people’s faces every day.


Jonathan Cooper



CEO is his lifestyle. As a serial entrepreneur and a former director of several investment funds, he decided to start Bright Entertainment Group. If you ask him who would be right for entrepreneurship? He would say, people who like to take a risk and enjoy it. He knows that the best ideas are often simple, and when we add the right team to it we create a successful environment for growth. 

Jonathan is an American businessman who came to Croatia for business and decided to stay because of love, of course.

He likes donuts, especially donuts earned by winning a bet with his team.

Superpower: business intelligence. 

Maja Jelisić Cooper Bright Entertainment.jpeg

Maja Jelisić Cooper

Board Member

Meet Maja, a board member with diverse skills and expertise in various aspects of business management. With a passion for general management, cross-functional leadership, marketing, and project/biz development, Maja has successfully built and expanded numerous start-up companies and developed strategic plans to ensure their success. In addition, her ability to acquire clients, partners, and content and her strong negotiating skills make her an invaluable asset to any company seeking to expand its reach and influence.


She has many hobbies, such as traveling and discovering new places, including food, wine, art, and culture. Her go-to outdoor activities are hikes, walks, tennis, and sailing.

Nino Andonović.jpg

Nino Andonović

Head of Legal Affairs

Nino started his career in one of Croatia's most renowned corporate law firms, focusing on contract, corporate, and business law. After a couple of years in different law firms, he passed the Croatian bar exam and decided to join Bright as Head of Legal Affairs. Nino takes care of all legal aspects of Bright's business and closely monitors regulatory and compliance items.

His hobby is chess which helps him to stay focused on one thing for hours. When he's not buried in legal stuff, he keeps the team's morale high with a positive can-do attitude and cheerful character.

Kristina Lovrić Bright Entertainment.jpeg

Kristina Lovrić


Kristina is the Head of Finance and Accounting, bringing a wealth of experience to her role. One of her key responsibilities is overseeing the preparation of all internal and statutory financial reports. In addition, she conducts financial analyses for the management team, providing valuable insights and recommendations that help guide our business strategy. Kristina is also responsible for posting business transactions and payroll, ensuring that all financial data is recorded accurately and on time.

She likes outdoor activities such as hiking and gardening when thinking about something other than numbers.


Emili Medica

Senior Project Manager

Emili is a highly experienced professional who leads the project management team at our business. She plays a crucial role in ensuring that our projects are completed on time, within budget, and to the highest quality standards. Since she joined Bright, she has managed the design and construction of many franchises worldwide, from North America to the MENA region. In addition, she is a point of reference for all internal and external professional representatives and reports on project timing, costs, and technical and quality standards of the brand.


Emili is a natural perfectionist and translates that into her job by calmly guiding franchisees and optimizing the construction and design process. She is passionate about animals, especially her dog Oscar.


Tea Mandić

Project Manager

Meet Tea - our skilled project manager who ensures the successful execution of our museum projects. From planning to execution, Tea manages all aspects of the project, coordinating between franchisees, architects, designers, and construction crews. In addition, her ability to oversee the construction and installation of exhibits ensures that our museum is ready to open its doors to the public.

Tea is a problem solver, communicative, organized, analytical, hardworking, and a team player who is always willing to lend a hand. Her exceptional attention to detail lets her quickly identify and resolve any issue.

She loves to explore the great outdoors, loves dogs, attends concerts, and indulges in chocolate.

Mia Grujičić Prahin.jpg

Mia Grujičić Prahin

Administration and Procurement Manager

Mia is a highly skilled administrative assistant who manages all administrative tasks of the office with efficiency and accuracy. She is responsible for procuring all exhibits, merchandise, and equipment required for the office and providing support during shipping. Mia also supports the project management team and ensures all projects run smoothly and within budget. She is also an expert in organizing business trips.

She enjoys spending time with her family and friends outside. In addition, she is a coffee addict and enjoys exploring new coffee shops in her free time.

Ana Jakovac Bright Entertainment.jpeg

Ana Jakovac

Operations manager

Ana is a key team member when it comes to operations. With her extensive experience in administration and supervision, Ana plays a critical role in ensuring the smooth operation of the museums. She is responsible for managing day-to-day tasks such as staffing and training and coordinating with external agencies to help deliver the best possible experience to our visitors. In addition, Ana is committed to fostering a supportive, inclusive workplace culture that encourages personal and professional growth.

She likes outdoor activities such as hiking and keeps her mind busy with puzzles and Lego blocks.


Andrea Pinjušić​​

Head of Franchise Support

Andrea is a skilled and dedicated professional who supports franchise operations. As the organizer of the Franchise Department team, she ensures that all tasks are allocated effectively and progress is tracked to meet deadlines. Andrea is also responsible for creating all the strategy documents and guidelines for franchisees, ensuring they have the resources needed to thrive.

Netflix and chill are her "go-to" when it comes to relaxing. In addition, she enjoys riding a bike and is a dance lover.


Ines Nožica

Cluville Product Manager and Training Specialist

Ines is a highly skilled and creative professional passionate about developing and improving the Cluville kids' escape room and Cluville story. With her extensive industry knowledge, she consistently supports franchisees in developing their teams and processes. Ines is also responsible for conducting market research and location analysis to facilitate upcoming franchisees and providing manager, sales, marketing, and staff training for MOI and Cluville teams.

Ines has a variety of hobbies. She loves to sing and perform and is also an avid surfer. When she's not working or hitting the waves, she enjoys reading about psychology, neuroscience, and mindfulness.

Branko Kranjčević Bright Entertainment.jpeg

Branko Kranjčević

Growth Marketing Manager

Digital marketing strategy, marketing campaigns, budget planning, and budget allocation. This is the dictionary Branko speaks. He improves our digital footprint and finds creative ways of implementing practices and technologies into the strategy. He is a driving force behind our digital marketing initiatives, ensuring our message reaches our target audience.

You can find him wandering on mountain trails or watching a football game when not thinking about marketing.

Helena Ernoić Bright Entertainment.jpeg

Helena Ernoić

Account Manager

Meet Helena, our dedicated support specialist who works tirelessly to help our franchisees succeed. With a background in social media management and event planning, Helena is the go-to person for all things related to marketing and promotions. From organizing logistics to coordinating with designers and local PR agencies, Helena is always there to lend a helping hand.

Music is her passion; she plays bass guitar with a couple of Croatian acts, and when not on stage, her hobbies include pole dance and candle making.



Chief Entertainment Officer

Meet our Chief Entertainment Officer Oscar! True to his title, his enthusiasm, goofy grin, and wagging tail took office by storm. His main goal is to make everyone in the office happy and score cuddles from his coworkers whenever possible. Oscar has a heart of gold and a work ethic that's second to none (as long as you count napping under the desk as work).

Whether he's stealing your lunch, chasing his tail, or barking at his own reflection in the window, Oscar is always up for a good time. And when it's time to get down to business, you can count on him to be right by your side, drooling on your keyboard and wagging his tail so hard it's a wonder he doesn't take off like a helicopter.

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