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How to Respond to Reviews

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

Reviews represent each museum and the global brand image in the eyes of our visitors. That is why we prepared a short guide on how to make the most out of them. The museum reviews are often one of the key reasons why customers decide to come or not. This is why replying to our visitors’ comments is a part of building the Museum’s brand image in your city.

Picture 1. Responding to reviews is vital in the online world

Every person that gives us their feedback is very valuable and it is important that they feel appreciated, and that they know their voice is being heard. By answering reviews, you are motivating other visitors to also leave comments or stars as well. People like to be praised for their efforts.

Reviews are also an important motivator for MOI employees. It is often that the museum staff is mentioned in the reviews, and it is important to praise the employees who stand out in this way. Moreover, the reviews will give a sense of purpose to the museum staff, and they will get positive feedback on their work if they are doing a good job.

Getting more and better reviews can be an interesting and valuable goal for your staff to achieve. In order to get good results your team will have to work together, and reviews are a measurable way for them to see their progress.

Reviewing the feedback on Google, TripAdvisor and Facebook with your staff is also an important step in developing your team. Having team meetings to reflect on what is good and giving praise to your staff is a way to make them feel good about their work. On the other hand, solving the possible issues found in the reviews is a way to give your team a challenge to move forward to and to improve.

Tone of Voice when Replying to Reviews

The tone of voice is an important language palate that each business chooses when preparing their communication strategy. To stay true to your brand image, make sure to follow this way of communication, always be polite, stay friendly, positive and enthusiastic about giving better service to your visitors.

The Museum of Illusions tone of voice:

Picture 2. The tone of voice when replying to reviews

1. Read the Review Carefully

Be sure to make a difference between bad experience and a person simply trolling online. If someone had a bad experience first apologize publicly under their comment and then politely ask them to send you an email if they have more questions or comments. That way, you are minimizing the damage by shifting the conversation “out of everyone’s sight”.

2. Add a Personal Touch

Add a human touch to each and every conversation or comment by mentioning their name in your review reply. We want people to feel like they are actually talking to an employee of the Museum of Illusions, not a bot programmed to respond to them.

3. Don't Be Repetitive

Never give the same answer to everyone. Even if a person asks the same question you already answered previously for a thousand times, don’t copy-paste the same sentence to everyone. Make sure you switch things up a bit. We want users to really feel as if the person behind the keyboard took time to customize a response to their question and put some thought into it. Always keep individual and personal approach in mind.

Picture 3. Getting a review with no comments doesn't mean that you don't have to reply to it

Answering Reviews - Examples

1. Negative

Negative reviews are a special topic and how we reply to these messages is very important. We need to communicate a few key messages to negative comments:

· That we appreciate the feedback

· That we strive to improve whenever we can

· That we are open to receive suggestions on our official info email


Thank you, we appreciate your review, we would love to get your feedback on how we could improve, please send us an email at

Thank you for visiting the Museum of Illusions. We appreciate all feedback and look to always ensure our guests enjoy their time here with us. Please, let us know how we could improve

Thank you for visiting us Name! We appreciate your feedback! We are always open for suggestions at

Picture 4. One-star-review example and a reply

2. 2 and 3-Star Reviews


Thanks for visiting us Name! If there was something we could have done better to deserve more stars, please send us an email at Thanks!

Thank you, we appreciate your review, but please do let us know how we could improve.

Thank you for visiting us Name! We appreciate your feedback!

Picture 5. Three-star-review and a reply

3. 4 and 5-Star Reviews


Thanks for visiting us! We greatly appreciate the 5 stars!

Thanks so much for visiting Name! Please have a wonderful day!

Thank you Name!

Thank you for your feedback! We hope to see you again soon! :)

Thank you so much for your review Name! We appreciate your feedback.

Picture 6. Five-star-review and a reply

4. Photos and Longer Positive Reviews


Thanks Name! We enjoyed having you visit. We also appreciate the thorough review and all the kind words. We can't wait to have you come back and visit with more friends!

Thank you for your kind words Name! We would love to see you again!

Thank you! What a lovely review Name :) Hope to see you again soon!

Thank you very much for the kind review Name!

Thank you for your review, Name! We are so happy to see that you had a good time!

Picture 7. A great review with a lot of images and a reply

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