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Instagram Guides - How to Make the Best of Them

Instagram has launched a new feature in November 2020 - Instagram Guides. It gives you the opportunity to share a longer piece of content in a blog-like format. You can use pre-published posts, product listings and places, and they include a cover image, a title, an introduction, and optional descriptions for various entries you decide to include. Here's how to create, format, publish them and a couple of ideas what you can use them for.

Picture 1. Through Instagram Guides you can share more content in a blog-like format

How to Create an Instagram Guide

To create your first Guide, tap the plus icon on the top-right of your profile page and select “Guide.” Next, choose the type of Instagram guide you want to create and select your content. You can choose from three options for guides: Places, Products, or Posts.

Places Guide

With the Places option, you can pick from a location listed on Instagram. Select that your place and upload up to five posts from the content. This could be a great way to highlight user-generated content on Instagram that showcases your business.

Products Guide

The Products option lets you pull in Instagram posts related to a single product. You can showcase your merchandise this way.

Posts Guide

If you select the Posts option, you can choose from posts on your own Instagram profile. Select the posts you want to include from either your Posts or Saved tabs. You can choose up to 30 posts to share in a single guide.

Picture 2. Museum of Illusions Doha Instagram Guides

Format an Instagram Guide

After you’ve selected the content for your guide and tap Next, you’ll get to the format page to set up the details for your guide.

Here you can:

  • Add a title

  • Add an introduction

  • Add Text

  • Add more posts (if you want to add more images in your Guide. Note: you can only add images, photos and videos that you have already posted on your feed, or that you have saved using the Instagram “Save” feature.)

  • Delete a post

  • Rearrange the order of the posts in the Guide

  • Post the Guide or Save draft to post later

Publishing the Guide

Once you tap Share (or Save as Draft) on your first Instagram guide, the Guide icon - which looks like a newspaper - will appear on your profile.

Once your guide is published, others will be able to view and share it.

Instagram Guides Ideas


Repurpose your Instagram posts (find old Instagram posts and bring them back to life)


Categorize your Instagram posts (example: exhibits, Dilemma Games, user-generated content, tips for taking photos at the museum...)

About us

Introduce the museum and share your story with the visitors. This is great for new followers to find out more about the brand.


You can collect the best visitors reviews and post them here

Monthly Favorites

Share some cool things and events from the museum every month.


Introduce your team with the Instagram guide. This is a great way to "give" face to your


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