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Google About To Start Indexing TikTok and Instagram Videos

When you’re searching on Google, your answers usually appear in the form of texts, images, and more often lately YouTube videos (following a huge increase in video consumption in the last couple of years). The reason for that is quite simple – Google has one main sacred goal, which is to satisfy your search intent perfectly. And in order to do that, it has to have access to as much data and content as possible.

Picture 1. Google search results might soon contain TikTok and IG videos

One additional step towards this perfection is gaining access to Instagram and TikTok videos, and this is what Google is working on right now. A couple of years ago they did the same thing with Twitter – this is why you can now see tweets within results when you google something. Soon, you’ll be able to see IG and TikTok videos, too.

Why Is This Important?

This really looks like a win-win-win situation. With time, Google will become the primary platform people will turn to in search of both articles and videos. And in turn, appearing in Google search results will open a whole new pool of potential new users to these platforms. Finally, the end-user will get a better and more comprehensive experience searching, with a more diverse plethora of results.

What’s In It For You?

Video content has become a significant part of every social media strategy with video consumption statistics on a constant rise. Just imagine the number of people you could reach through your IG and TikTok videos if they also appeared on Google!

If you are still looking for a good reason to invest more time into producing videos for IG and TikTok – this is it.

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