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Things to Consider When Writing Social Media Captions

Got the perfect picture, but when it comes to writing captions your mind goes blank? Don't worry, we've got you. Everyone has got stuck writing captions, at least once - especially, when you need to write something super engaging that people will respond to.

In this blog, we'll share a couple of tips that you can use while creating social media posts for your (or other) businesses.

Picture 1. Do you know who you're talking to on your social media channels?

1. Define Your Tone of Voice

Do you know who you're talking to? Or better to say, who is that person you're aiming at? The way you define this person will determine your entire communication, so make sure to make an extremely thorough analysis. Also, think about your brand - what kind of an impression would you like to leave?

These decisions will set the tone of voice in your captions. Is it formal/informal? Aimed at people of specific age or not? Fun or serious? Once you've determined these details - make sure to follow them in all of your posts. Otherwise, you might seem inconsistent and unprofessional.

Picture 2. Museum of Illusions tone of voice

2. It's About How You Start

The first sentence should always be the hook. Think of your specific reader and try to figure out what is the thing that they're interested in and that they would like to read more about. And don't try to look smart - use words that everybody understands. Nobody likes smarty-pants.

3. Include a Call to Action

You don't have to do this in all of your posts, but this can also be a way of making your posts more engaging. You can invite your audience to visit your website, buy tickets or answer a question. Just be careful about the frequency of these posts.

Picture 3. Use captions to engage your audience

4. Use Emojis

Feel free to use emojis if you're not running a very formal business. In fact, they are desirable when you want to express your emotion or just give your caption, a bit of a lighter tone.

But, when using emojis:

  • Don’t overdo it – one emoji sends just as good a message as the three same ones

  • Always put the emoji after the fulls top or in front of the sentence

  • There isn’t a universal formula for the amount of emojis recommended, but you should have the same or lower amount of emojis than sentences in your copy

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