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A Look Back: 2021 at MOIs Around the World

Can you imagine how a baby perceives the world? Is it possible to have a winter wonderland in the middle of the desert? Can a museum be a huge playground or a haunted house?

The answer to all these questions is YES, and these were some of the super creative ideas that marketing teams from Museums of Illusions around the world came up with in 2021. The Museum of Illusions concept is diverse and interesting enough that it fits a vast array of different activities and functions perfectly in different brand collaborations.

A Glimpse Into History

And how did it begin? The first Museum of Illusions was opened in 2015 in Zagreb, Croatia and since then it has spread to over 35 locations all around the world. The concept is based on edutainment – combining education and entertainment, and as such it’s interesting to people of all age groups.

Picture 1. The first Museum of Illusions in Zagreb

Its exhibits and the overall approach to the visitors is a great source of inspiration for events and brand collaborations – and here are one of the most successful ones in 2021.

MOI Chicago – Halloween

The word spooky got a completely new dimension – at the Museum of Illusions Chicago. Team Chicago rolled up their sleeves and turned the Museum into a real-life haunted house, offering a whole new experience of the world of illusions. Additionally, they added a series of events throughout October called Spooky Hours, with music, drinks, and an opportunity to hang out with friends in the evening at a super fun location.

Picture 2. MOI Chicago during Halloween

MOI Doha – Infinity Room Redecorations

How to make people come to the Museum again and again? Team Doha knows it best! They decided to give their Infinity Room a whole new look and a million new opportunities for amazing photos – every month! A field of sunflowers, rainy city, candy land, or winter wonderland – their creativity has no limits. Every redecoration was accompanied by a huge campaign on social media, bringing great brand awareness and engagement.

3. MOI Doha and their Winter Infinity Room

MOI Cairo – Escape the Illusion

A museum or an escape room? Why not both! Team Cairo has given a whole new perspective to classic escape room games – by mixing them with experiencing illusions at the Museum and solving tasks along the way. One hour, a group of friends within the Museum closed only for them, a range of fun tasks you get at the beginning and a guarantee you’ll have an amazing time – that sounds like a perfect plan for a night out with your besties.

Picture 4. A team of friends after finishing the Escape the Illusion challenge at MOI Cairo

MOI Orlando – Puppy Pawty

Looking for activities you could attend with your furry friends? MOI Orlando has added one to the list. Puppy pawty is a special event at the Museum of Illusions Orlando making it possible for you to bring your dog and enjoy in the world of illusions, offering a whole lotta opportunities for amazing family photos. The event was such a huge success that it had its second edition as well, and it was covered by all local media in Orlando.

Picture 5. Puppy pawty at MOI Orlando

MOI Zagreb – Pampers Collaboration

How does a baby see the world? This is what Pampers in collaboration with the Museum of Illusions Zagreb tried to answer in their special event lasting for more than a week. The Infinity room that looks like the inside of the womb, the Tilted room showing how a baby develops a sense of balance, and the Color room explaining how a baby starts to see colors is just a part of the whole amazing experience that the Museum had to offer during this event. The campaign was all over the media, with a dozen of the most famous Croatian influencers (moms and dads of course) on board.

Picture 6. MOI Zagreb and Pampers exhibition

MOI Dubai – TikTok Success

How to become a TikTok influencer in a day? Ask team Dubai! A young team, up to 10 videos per week, super creative ideas, trending music and challenges and voila – their TikTok channel is hitting huge numbers of both followers and #museumofillusionsdubai views.

Wrap Up

This is just a glimpse of the super creative campaigns and events that Museums of Illusions had throughout 2021. Hope some of these come as an inspiration to you - and here's to an even more successful 2022!

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