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5 Video Trends You Should Know About

When was the last time you looked for a text on how to do something? Probably a long time ago. With an abundance of how-to videos available, who would even bother to go through a text?

Picture 1. Following video trends should be an integral part of any marketing strategy

This is nothing weird – as a matter of fact, it is a growing trend. And with time it has become so huge that it’s slowly squeezing out written content completely! Predictions show that online videos will make up 82% of all consumer traffic in the next couple of years. Surprising? Not so much.

Life is getting faster, we’re constantly searching for new information and we’ve got used to receiving it as fast as it gets. So naturally, the content that succeeds in satisfying our search intent the fastest and easiest is gaining more and more advantages. This is where video content comes out as a clear winner.

So if you’d like to use the power of video content to your advantage, take a look at these 5 video trends that will help you stand out in the next couple of months.

Top Video Trends in 2022

1. The Power of Live Videos

Looking for a super personal way to present your brand? Try live videos!

They’ve become increasingly important during 2020 when the Covid pandemic hit. All of a sudden everything turned to the online world, and streaming platforms, including Facebook and Instagram, skyrocketed. Google Trends data show that searches for live platforms almost doubled after March 2020.

Live videos are one of the most effective ways of engaging with your customers since you can interact with your audience in real-time, answer their questions, present your business, go “behind the scenes”, etc.

2. Search Optimized Videos for Greater Visibility

If you invest time to do a video for your YouTube channel or website, why wouldn't you adjust it additionally to rank on Google!

The most important thing to keep in mind when doing search engine optimization is to stay relevant. Create videos that answer your audience’s questions, teach them about something they’d be interested in, and make the videos fun to watch. Additionally – consistency is key. Make sure to post regularly.

And finally, don’t forget about the technical part – include meta tags, keywords in descriptions, respond to comments and use the right formatting.

3. User-Generated Content is King

Fun fact: 93% of customers find UGC is very helpful when making a purchasing decision. So it definitely makes sense to include UGC as an important part of any marketing strategy. Rather than talking about how great you are yourself, let your customers speak!

Encourage them to share videos, think of interesting challenges, cooperate with influencers, offer prizes, and organize giveaways – with the right approach you will create a circle of brand ambassadors that will do more for your sales than any strategy you can think of.

4. Silent Videos

Why would you make a video without a sound, you might ask? Well, picture this. You’re traveling by bus, scrolling through your social media feed, and whenever you stop to check out a video, you’re served some kind of (usually) loud music, which you’re not sure you or people around you would like. Makes sense to make them silent, at least for starters, right?

Research shows that a whopping 85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound. Therefore, both Facebook and Instagram have a default option for videos to play on mute. And this has encouraged a completely new trend – more and more brands decide to use very visual elements to convey their message, or they include captions. Try it out!

5. AR/VR videos

AR/VR content is nothing new – but with the technology advance it has become very accessible and it’s making its way into the mainstream. This type of content is highly interactive, it offers numerous opportunities to the end-user and therefore it’s extremely convenient - you are offered a full-on virtual experience from the comfort of your home. And it’s definitely here to stay, so you’d better think of incorporating it into your content plan.

Wrap Up

Using video in your marketing has multiple benefits – apart from being more engaging, it allows you to show your creativity to the fullest and it makes it possible for you to explain or solve your customers’ problems in a very clear and concise way. And not to mention the fact that it is slowly becoming the most frequent type of content people usually consume.

But apart from the whole video creation process, it is always important to watch out for video trends that keep changing regularly and like always – testing your audience. Track whatever you’re doing and you will know for sure if you’re on the right path.

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Oct 23, 2023
Hello! Can you talk about how you change the format of your video to upload to this site? I wanted to convert vob to mp4 online, but I haven’t fully figured out how to do it yet. If you record a video on this topic, I will be very happy, and I am sure that other users will also need it.
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