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MOI Doha/I Love Qatar Collaboration - Case Study

In January 2021, the Museum of Illusions Doha had a collaboration with the “I Love Qatar” website which resulted in publishing the article “12 mind-blowing reasons to visit the Museum of Illusions Doha”. The article now has over 1,200 shares on social media platforms.

Picture 1. Museum of Illusions Doha

The article was followed by a:

  • Newsletter sent by I Love Qatar

  • Instagram and Facebook post and story

  • Twitter post

  • one additional mention in the article “Events in Qatar” (which has over 2,500 shares)

  • contest on Instagram

What is "I Love Qatar"?

I Love Qatar is one of the most popular platforms in Qatar for all kinds of news, guides for the city, culture and entertainment events.

Before the opening, they did a sneak peek of the museum and now the Doha team wanted to come up with something different.

What Was the Theme of the Collaboration?

The team in MoI Doha collected the most frequent questions from visitors (received by phone calls, emails, SM, in person...) and wrote down the most important features that they wanted to point out about the museum.

The result was this “12 mind-blowing reasons to visit Museum of Illusions Doha” article.

Picture 2. Museum of Illusions is a concept interesting for all age groups

What Did They Learn?

Collecting the most frequent questions from visitors, they learned that people usually asked these questions:

  • Until when is the Museum open? Some of them thought that it is only a temporary exhibition

  • For what age is it intended for

  • What about parking, is it easily reachable

  • What about discounts

  • The ways to take photos in the museum – some of them even asked for a museum guide because they saw photos and wanted to recreate them

These were also some points the Museum team wanted to communicate to the public:

  • promote birthday packages, team buildings, events, and school trips

  • promote Dilemma Games

  • the mix of the nationality and languages of the staff

  • great feedback from the visitors about their customer service that they get on SM platforms, on the phone and in-person

  • the fact that taking photos is encouraged in the Museum compared to other museums where it is usually not allowed

Picture 3. You can take as many photos as you want at the Museum of Illusions

What Can You Take From This Case Study?

We would like for you to use this example and think about how can you showcase your Museum in a collaboration like this. This would be interesting content for any site to publish.

Although there are a lot of universal things in all the Museum of Illusions locations, you will need to adapt the concept according to your market, your feedback from the visitors and point out your individual strengths as a Museum.

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